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    Thursday, 2 June 2011
    Mishi Khan Biography

    Mishi Khan’s famous role in Uroosa is one of the multi talented personalities of our media industry she is an actor, anchor, photographer, producer and a singer. She likes to experiment with different mediums of entertainment. Having done television and music, she has also tried her hand at films as well. She can be defined as witty, funny, talented and blunt. Currently she is hosting Late Night show with Mishi Khan on VibeTv. 

    lt's always been fun to chat with Mishi Khan witty, funny and blunt qualities that she says have sometimes spelt trouble for her. But as she aptly puts it, Frankly my dear I don't give a damn. I have two sides to me and if I'm funny and witty, it doesn't mean that I'm also a goof ball. I know what I'm saying. People tend to talk negatively and half of them think that girls in showbiz are simply brain dead. Basically, their insecurities lead them to think that way. My concepts and values are very clear so it doesn't bother me. 

    Indeed, there has been a lot of speculation and tongues have been wagging about her sudden disappearance from the scene. So where was she? I hadn't gone anywhere so the question of coming back doesn't arise. I have never been totally out of touch. There was a time I was a constant on television and all that then stopped. When you are into something for a long time you need a break and I just thought I'd do something different. So I did three music videos. 

    Coming to music and popular opinion has it that Mishi just doesn't cut it as a singer. I did not sing for the sake of doing it but it was just something I had always wanted to do. My first music video Mahiya was nominated in the best debut song category for the Indus Music Awards in 2004 so for me that was a big thing. I think those who thought I was bad are more inclined towards classical stuff and I'm not into all that. I like to sing my kind of songs nice, easy and entertaining. I know what my limitations are as far as singing is concerned I'm not besuri (out of tune) so people should not be critical. So far, three of my songs have gone on air and were liked by a lot of people. As a matter of fact, my album is ready and will be hitting shelves soon. 

    This brings us to the issue of a rather plumpish Mishi in Mahiya. I have always been on the chubby side. My weight is perfect right now and I have never felt so good. I think being overweight is something that happens to everyone. I have never had a weight problem, it's just that I was never skinny. I like to look good rather than anorexic or bulimic. Be healthy, look healthy and think healthy that is the most important thing. My weight fluctuates because I love food and I have the tendency to gain weight as well. I exercise on a regular basis now, I watch what I eat but once a week I have anything and everything I want to. 

    People tend to talk negatively and half of them think that girls in showbiz are brain dead. Basically, their insecurities lead them to think that way. My concepts and values are very clear so it doesn't bother me, says Mishi Khan 

    Besides music, the other activity that takes up most of Mishi's time these days is her appearance as the host of Aaj Ki Iftari. It's great fun chatting up the chef. As a matter of fact, I would love to do my own cooking show where I actually talk to people and not just tell them Pehle hara dhaniya dal lain aur phir hari mirch. I have another show on Aaj TV called Sunday with Mishi and an entertainment based-show with TV One called E on One. I have recently shot a serial and a telefilm in Lahore as well. I don't want to do any or every kind of play just to be busy. I want something challenging so as of now I am concentrating on these two shows, and of course my album. 

    It's true that Mishi likes to experiment with different mediums of entertainment. Having done television and music, she tried her hand at films as well but it wasn't a pleasant experience. If offered a role today, will she accept? At that point I took it as an experience and it wasn't bad. But filmi people speak and think differently and I can't understand the Lollywood lingo. Vulgarity for them is nothing as for me what they show is vulgar. So if our mental levels don't match then how can we work together? I would not accept an offer from them now. Mentally, I have gone ahead but probably if somebody like Saquib Malik or Jami approaches me with an offer, I can understand their language and would work with them. 

    Talking in context to Bollywood and going the way of Meera, Mishi surprisingly puts asks: Meera who? However, she later concedes and adds, I don't follow her professionally. I don't think doing something in Bollywood is bad but doing something mediocre and C grade is. As they say if you maintain a certain standard in life you will get quality even if you get it late. But if you go lower the graph then there is no hope of salvation. Pakistan should be represented abroad by people who carry themselves with dignity. You have to look and behave in a dignified manner. If not then the rest of the world will think that Pakistani women act and behave like that all the time, and that is not really called for. 

    Still single, Mishi is still enjoying life but says she wouldn't mind getting hitched. I am very happy, content and relaxed. I feel that destiny takes one places to meet people. I believe in fate and feel if there is somebody in your life he/she will come to you. I think you have to love yourself first to love somebody else. Love or marriage is not something that one should get depressed about. You have one life to live and you should make the most of it everyday. Wake up with a smile and bring a smile to somebody's face. I think that in itself is an achievement. Getting married is not an achievement. Not that I wouldn't like to get married at some point in time but not at the moment. 

    So what does she think the foreseeable future has in store for her? Doing something totally different which probably I don't even know at this point. I see myself as healthy and wealthy. I also do photography and while travelling, which is also another passion of mine, I had taken pictures all over the world of buildings, people sitting, standing or simply doing nothing. Probably, I would like to have an exhibition of my portraits. As for television, whatever work I have done from the time I did Uroosa till today, offers have come to me directly. I have no idea of how to go and ask for work. I guess I have always been lucky in that sense. 

    What about production and direction? Well all my three videos were self-produced and the album will also be my own production. I would like to make a tele film but not now, maybe later, but don't know when. I need to do it properly. So maybe first I would like to do a course in film making as training is important to bring finesse to your craft. I don't want to do it on a trial-and-error basis or simply because I have to do it. I want to make something which is very slick and very fast-paced, and do it at a time when I am absolutely sure about it. 
    Mishi Khan

    Mishi Khan

    Mishi Khan

    Mishi Khan

    Mishi Khan

    Mishi Khan

    Mishi Khan

    Mishi Khan

    Mishi Khan

    Vibe TV Mishi Khan Show with M. Tasueef Ahmed

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